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How is Lasio Brazilian Keratin Hair Treatment different from other brands?

Let your clients shampoo their hair after only 24 hours instead of 3-4 days of waiting period required when using other brands.

The One Day formula, offered exclusively by Lasio Inc, allows for the client to wash their hair after only twenty-four hours. One-Day formulas have very lowformaldehyde level. A drastic difference between the Lasio Brazilian Keratin hair Treatment and other relaxers on the market is that once the product has been washed from the hair after the 1 day penetration period, the client can still wear their hair curly or wavy. Because this treatment is heat-activated, silky smooth straight hair is achieved easily by applying heat from a blow dryer. Whether a client chooses to wash-and-go or blow their locks straight, the hair will maintain body and shine. Frizzy mane will be a notion of the past.

Let your clients walk out of salon with full, light, shiny hair - No more pasty look, no residue.

Lasio uses a liquid base spray-on formula. Unlike other creamy pasty products that leave a thick, heavy coating on the hair, Lasio treatment will leave no residue resulting in silky smooth hair from day one.

Spray on liquid form - cut down the time to perform the service.

Lasio is the only spray on Brazilian treatment for professionals on the market. This is an important fact because other treatments are brush on. Brush on treatments use more product, tend to leave a filmy residue on the hair, and is harder to manipulate while performing the service. It can take up to twice the time to perform a brush-on service than the time it takes to perform the Lasio Brazilian Keratin Treatment service. This is important when it comes down to dollars and cents. Less product used plus less time taken to perform the service means the salon will be able to turn a bigger profit while offering a great service with a quality product.

The total application process will take anywhere from 1.5 to 2.5 hours (depending on the length and thickness of the hair). The treatment is applied to dry, clean hair. The stylist will then blow dry the hair to a smooth and sleek finish. Lastly, the stylist will then flat iron the hair to seal in the treatment and create a glossy finish that is light weight.

What is phenoxyethanol? Why is it used?

It is an organic chemical compound commonly used in skin creams and sunscreens. It is also used in perfumes and antiseptics. Phenoxyethanol activated the Brazilian Keratin Treatment, therefore cutting down the processing time. The client using the Lasio One Day (containing phenoxyethanol) can wash her hair 24 hrs after the treatment as opposed to having to wait 96 hrs for the Maximum Strength.

Approximately how much product is used per service?

2-3 oz per head depending on the length, texture, and density of the hair.

Lasio's Tropic Keratin Treatment

Lasio Tropic treatment is Lasio's formaldehyde free alternative to the Brazilian Keratin Treatment.